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造一个句子的词组: 1.cheers up 振奋 Don't worry, we will cheer you up!2.wash away 冲走 The rain wash away my bad mood.3.mistake sb for sb 把……误认为…… I am so sorry for mistaking you for your twin sister.造2个句子的词组: familiar

journey to the west "is a very attractive novel.this book is about: there was a man named tang sancang monk, was ordered for the tang dynasty buddhist, with the three disciples: monkey, pig, sanded monk together, after nine nine eighty-one hard,

A great life including common birth, easy growing, important choice ,contant fighting and silent death.

Topic: Improve the information announcing system of listed company. Summary: The information announcing system of listed company is the important component of the security market, safeguard market main body interests and maintain the

1. As to the end of the game, they scored two goals, we had entered the four goals. (Score)2. As we arrived there, the bus had gone.The passive voice:1. The world, many people speak English.2. In southeastern China, cultivation of tea.3. Where is

may be:1. May be I ought to phone her. 2.May be a million of people here. had done:1:She had gone to Beijing. 2.He had gone here for two years. had been:1.I had been to Shanghai. 2.He had been there one year ago.

The Correct methode of using a chinese trumpit The design itself from material , designing , and making can be notafied more in this article. It explains the correct way to play, which helps the reader understand more about how it works.That way readers can better play it and increase their instrumental level.

① contains a black car parked in the four officials of the former barracks ② fish being washed ashore and was taken away by a fisherman, was sent to market, bought by an old lady, and then be eaten. ③ she is very beautiful. Have long hair and big eyes. ④ The students will go to the park


In the years between 1986 and 1987, Swiss carried out major changes in the aspect of security planning and reforms. It began to be devoted to the research and development of disaster risk map and made a breakthrough.

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