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How will you deal with the problem? what will you do with the problem? do with 和deal with是近义词组,可是用法上有什么不同??? deal with和 do with他们根本不是同义词哦 你的这里的句子中间 deal with 放到一起才能作为一个及物动词词组 不

Colour rose 或者Redness of roses

In fact, I would like to give you call, but I have heard your voice too excited, and I am sorry to you play. In fact, I also want to go about your playing, but I have never really about the girls, so do not have the courage I think we have mutual understanding,

一 1 this, think 2 six 3 One 4 bring, better 5 give 6 kind 7 What 8 cold 9 Those 10 ride 二 Aross 1 yourself 2 we 3 itself 4 its 5 their 6 her 7 we 8 me Down 1 You 2 She 3 herself 4 mine 5 She 6 hers 7 him

Nothing venture ,noting have不入虎穴焉得虎子

1.The laye doesn't walk on the road!2.Does Danny Play football on sunday!3.句首加Does!

Over the last half century the pace of change in the life of human being has increased beyond our wildest expectations. This has been driven by technological and scientific breakthroughs that changing is whole the way we view the world on an

1.这种题主要是看动作与发生动作的主语是什么关系Quarrel 是he发出的动作当然要用主动 control of:控制|管理|执掌 under the control 在..的掌控之下 take control of:控制|控制,取得对的控制 3.advise后面接虚拟语气用原形 name on the list算是从句的主语was announced, 是谓宾.lz说的announced省略was 是作定语时候这么用 根据句意不可以 5.抱歉

造一个句子的词组: 1.cheers up 振奋 Don't worry, we will cheer you up!2.wash away 冲走 The rain wash away my bad mood.3.mistake sb for sb 把……误认为…… I am so sorry for mistaking you for your twin sister.造2个句子的词组: familiar

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