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The dog who barks the hardest doesn't bite.

a barking dog doesn't bite 这个是俗语 意思是一样的 当然一定要直翻会咬人的狗不叫 可以说a biting dog doesn't bark..

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Will call the dog doesn't bite会叫的狗不咬人You pay attention to some street of the little dog你注意点街边的那条小狗The dog saw a stranger will bark狗狗看到陌生人会吠叫

Quanzhou City which is a very beautiful coastal port city in the Southeast of Fujian Province. The weather here is very comfortable for living, the temperature is nearly between 19.5°C to 21°C. It has very long and famous history. It was known as the

Will bite the dog not necessarily will call, will call the dog not necessarily will bite

I walked onto ice and played for a while.When I was enjoying myself, however, the ice was broken and I almost fell down. Luckily, my friends, who I appreciate till now, saved me. It was really a terrible experience. I never want it to happen again.I

you can run away, but they will find you out before dawn.

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