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Austrian border in Italy, called the small town of Klagenfurt, with a population of under 90,000. Michel driver to let us enjoy the small town of about Austria's charm will be a special bus into the city, and then went straight to Italy. All the more difficult

venice 威尼斯 there is a large city in italy. it is called venice. it is a beautiful city, but it is different from other cities in the world. there are no wide streets in the city, but there are over 170 canals, because the city is built on many small islands. when

VeniceCity (pop.,2001 prelim.:266,181),capital of Veneto region,northern Italy.Built on 威尼斯 Venice意大利北部主要港口,威尼托区的首府.建于威尼斯湖上,周围长145千

A city of northeast Italy on islets within a lagoon in the Gulf of Venice, a wide inlet of the northern Adriatic Sea. Founded in the 5th century a.d. by refugees fleeing the Lombard invaders who had gained control of the mainland, it became a major

If you are coming to Venice from within Italy, the best way to travel is by train. There are few parking spaces in Piazzale Roma, and these are normally costly and almost always occupied. If you decide to drive to Tronchetto, you will find that the

圣马克广场(Piazza San Marco): 威尼斯市中心,最热闹繁华的地方,大约有4个足球场大小,被拿破仑称为“欧洲最美丽的客厅”.广场分别被圣马克教堂、钟楼、新市政厅、克雷尔(Correr)博物馆和总督府环绕.广场边就是几家著名的

introduction to venice lord byron called venice (venezia) "a fairy city of the heart." la serenissima, "the most serene," is an improbable cityscape of stone palaces that seem to float on water, a place where cats nap in oriental marble windowsills

Venetian is the capital of the region of Veneto and the province of the same name in Italy. Its population is 271,663 (census estimate January 1, 2004). The city is included, with Padua (Padova), in the Padua-Venice Metropolitan Area, population 1,

west adriatic sea venice bay north shore important harbor. population 343,000. the host constructs on the disembark 4 kilometer seashore shallow water beach, hydraulic mean depth 1.5 meters. has the railroad, the highway bridge and the land is

The Sinking City of VeniceAtlantis reduxSeveral years ago, Morgen and I visited Venice, that beautiful Italian city where the streets are paved with water. We were there for only a few days, but we enjoyed every minute of it. The place oozes history,

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