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你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . How do you go to school today?

你今天为什么上学迟到?因为我…… 英文翻译如下: Why are you late for school today? Because I... 重点词汇释义: 今天:today; now; present 为什么:why; why is it that; how is it that; forwhy; whereto 上学:go to school; attend scho...

When do you get to school this morning? 今天早上你什么时候到学校的? 关键词 get to 到达;开始;达到(某一阶段) 例句 As it is, we can hardly get to the station by 6 o'clock. 但事实上,我们几乎不能在六点以前赶到车站。 Let's get ...

可以这样写:Why don't you go to school today? 【Vickey英语】为你解答,还有更多视频课程,帮你轻松搞定英语!

你今天走过的路 我也走了一遍 You this way I go again 你今天走过的路 我也走了一遍 You this way I go again

you should go to school earlier today

因为有你,我们的英语才有今天的成绩! Because of you, our English just have the result today! 老师谢谢您对我们无微不至地关心,祝您桃李满天下! Teacher: thank you for caring about our meticulous, wish you had translated many fore...

我给你提个建议,提问的时候可以提供多一些上下文信息,因为中英文是两个语言系统的语言,答者需要把需要翻译的话放在语境中才能更准确的翻译。 例如在你这句话中,就出现两种可能的语义。第一,今天你走过的路,我想要再走一遍;第二,今天你走...

Because today factory vacation, I'm going to tomorrow to these information to confirm to you

今天你们在学校做什么有趣的事情了吗? What interesting things today, you do it at school?

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