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Vanilla Twilight(香草黄昏) The stars lean down to kiss you 繁星弯下腰来亲吻你 And I lie awake and miss you 而我无法入睡不断想你 Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere 给我一大剂量的空气 Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly 这样我才能安睡

marc terenzi -《love to be loved by you》 歌词: i can't believe i'm standing here 我不敢相信我一直在这里 been waiting for so many years and 等了这么多年 today i found the queen to reign my heart 直至今日才找到支配我的心灵的皇后 you

yesterday once more歌手:carpenters 专辑:《carpenters gold》when i was young i'd listen to the radiowaiting for my favorite songswhen they played i'd sing along,it make me smile.those were such happy times and not so long agohow i

Avril Lavigne_what the hell Demi Lovato_this is me

《As Long As You Love Me》 只要你爱我 Although loneliness has alwaysbeen a friend of mine 虽然孤独感在我心头挥之不去, I'm leaving my life in your hands 我还是愿意相信你. People say I'm crazy and that I am blind 人们笑我痴狂, Risking

just one last dancejust one last dance.oh babyjust one last dance we meet in the night in the spanish caféi look in your eyes just don't know what to sayit feels like i'm drowning in salty watera few hours left 'til the sun's gonna risetomorrow will

I feel for you,baby Coz you're so petty that's why I'm dancing it's a very happy day i feel good all the time oh thank you baby petty little lady you should see her get down dancing with her partner he know how to make her swing i feel good all the time oh

Just Go 远离尘嚣 Lionel Richie Feat.Akon It'd be so nice If you didn't have to feel so lonely 只要你能不觉得如此孤单,一切都会是美好的 It'd be so nice If i could sneak you for a moment 如果我能带你离开,就算一小会儿也是美好的 I know you like

can't believe I'm standing here 我不敢相信我一直在这里 Been waiting for so many years and 等了这么多年 Today I found the Queen to reign my heart 直至今日才找到支配我的心灵的皇后 You changed my life so patiently 你让我的生命变得坚韧

top of the world top of the world carpenters such a feelin's comin' over me there is wonder in most everthing i see not a cloud in the sky got the sun in my eyes and i won't be surprised if it's a dream everything i want the world to be is now coming true

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