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Study hard and make progress every day 好好学习,天天向上 Happy be a money 快乐是一份钱(寓意:钱=财富) 这是我自己想的.

Laura is Sam and Amy's

How tall are you?--- I'm 164 cm tall.2. You are shorter than me.3. You're 4 cm taller than me.4. --- How heavy are you?--- I'm 48 kg.5. I'm thinner than you, and shorter.6. --- What's the matter with you?--- My throat is sore. / My nose hurts.7. --- How do

1.---你是几年级的? ---我是六年级 / 一年级 / 二年级的. 2.---你昨天为什么吃到了?---因为我的表停了. 3.我们是同一年级的. 4.公车来了. 5.我们上车吧. 6.我今天没有迟到. 7.---你在加拿大什么地方住? 8.我住在渥太华. 9.渥太华在西边/东边吗?

Unit 1 Young (年轻的) funny (滑稽可笑的) tall (高的) strong (强壮的) kind (和蔼的、亲切的) old (年老的) short (矮的)thin (瘦的) Mr (先生) like (像、喜欢) strict (严格的) smart (聪明的、巧妙的) active (积极的、

1在星期一上午 on Monday morning 2 今天下午 this afternoon3 三节数学课 three Maths lessons4 新学期 the new term 5 第一节课 the first lesson6 我希望 I hope 7 10门学科 ten subjects 8 一节有趣的课 an interesting lesson 9 你呢? How about


What's your name?What's in the pictureWhat do you like?What's your father?What would you like?What's this?What's his /her name?What about you?What are you going to do after schoolWhat are you going to buy?What does he like to do?

1.---What grade are you in ? ---I'm in the sixth / first / second grade. 2.---Why were you late yesterday?---Because my watch stopped. 3.We're in the same grade. 4.Here comes the bus. 5.Let's get on the bus. 6.I'm not late today. 7.---Where did

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