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1.We went to the part last Sunday.2.He got up late this morning.3.I played basketball yesterday afternoon.4.My mother watched TV last night.5.The boy sent me a gift just now.6

Laura is Sam and Amy's

一、陈述句: 1. This(That,It) is a book. This(That,It) is not(isn't) a book. 2. There is a pen in the pencil-box. There is not(isn't) a pen in the pencil-box. 3. I am a good boy. I am not a good boy. 4. He(She) is a student. He(She) is not(isn't) a student.

四、掌握并能熟练运用下列句子(34句):1.Hello! / Hi! 你好2.Goodbye! /Bye! /Bye-bye!拜拜3.--Thank you!/ Thanks!/ Thank you very much! / Thanks a lot!谢谢--You're welcome!/That's OK./ That's all right.不用谢4. Sorry./I'm sorry.

1. I see. 我明白了. 2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是. 5. My god! 天哪! 6. No way! 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. Hold on. 等一等. 9. I agree. 我同意. 10. Not bad. 还不错. 11. Not yet. 还没. 12. See you

给你总结的也有语法重点也有一些句型结合希望对你有帮助!陈述句的故事Hello, boys and girls!大家都知道,陈述句家族的职责是用来叙述一个事实.其特点是句末用句号".",朗读时通常用降调"". 陈述句家族中有"两兄弟":老大

How tall are you? --- I'm 164 cm tall. 2. You are shorter than me. 3. You're 4 cm taller than me. 4. --- How heavy are you? --- I'm 48 kg. 5. I'm thinner than you, and shorter. 6. --- What's the matter with you? --- My throat is sore. / My nose hurts. 7. --- How


do homework(做作业) watch TV(看电视) read books(读书) cook the meals(做饭) water the flowers(浇花) sweep the floor(扫地) clean the bedroom(打扫卧室) make the bed(铺床) set the table(摆饭桌) wash the clothes(

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