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一、 基数词,序数词序数词前一定要加“the”,序数词一般用于:①日期【the 号(序数词)of 月】②【第几…】③【名次】二、 动词1. be动词(am/is/are) 主语 be动词(原形) be动词(过去式) I am wasHe/she/it is wasWe/you/they are

PEP的吧1 I'm (164 cm tall). 我有164cm高2 You're (shorter) than me 你比我矮3 You're (4cm taller) than me 你比我高4cm4 My (throat is sore).My nose hurts). 我的鼻子疼.我的喉咙疼.5 You look so (happy). 你看起来很高兴6 I (playad football). 我

英语的基本句型主要有五种,它们是: 1、主语动词表语 2、主语动词 3、主语动词宾语 4、主语动词宾语宾语 5、主语动词宾语补语 掌握好这些基本句型,就可以为灵

给你总结的也有语法重点也有一些句型结合希望对你有帮助!陈述句的故事Hello, boys and girls!大家都知道,陈述句家族的职责是用来叙述一个事实.其特点是句末用句号".",朗读时通常用降调"". 陈述句家族中有"两兄弟":老大

1, ----What's your name? ----你叫什么名字?----My name is ________. ----我叫…….2, ----How old are you? ----你几岁了?----I'm 12. ----我十二岁.II 询问颜色.1, ----What colour is it? ----它是什么颜色的?----It's yellow and white. ----黄白相

hated the person who wanted to know my secret and always thought that he or she may be happily talking with others about my diary 自己想吧 你是考英语学校吧 才会问这个 1. 对所学的内容作一个回顾和巩固; 2. 对所学的内容作归纳和总结; 3.

小学六年级英语语法知识汇总 一、词类:1、 动词:行为动词、be动词、情态动词.(1)行为动词 原形、+s/es、+ed、+ing,具体判断方法如下:(2)be动词 a、Am--was Is --was Are--were 口诀:我用am, 你用are, is用在他她它,所有复数全

小学英语主要句型归类(三年级上册----六年级下册)I 询问姓名、年龄.1, ----What's your name? ----你叫什么名字?----My name is ________. ----我叫…….2, ----How old are you? ----你几岁了?----I'm 12. ----我十二岁.II 询问颜色.1, ----

intreduce A to BWhat about doing (sth.)?How about doing?call sb. sth.have a talk with sb. to with sb. to do doing to do sth.both A and Bshow sb. aroud sth. to sb.project on absent frombe present atbe full ofreturn sth. toreturn to sp.

What are you doing ?What does it mean ?When is your birthday ?What would you like as your birthday pesent?What did you did last week ?What else did you did ?I was `````Where did you go ?nest time . collet eggs.pick oragerstake off the

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