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你可以叫你爸爸去做你说的任何事 You can call your father anything you say


Ο πατέρας, παρακαλώ με ευλογεί στον ουρανό

What does your father like doing? 或: What does your father like to do? 有不明白的地方再问哟,祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*)

“我是你爸爸”用英语:I'm your father. ; I am your daddy。 例句: 如果我是你爸爸,我就给你这笔钱。 Were I your father, I would give you the money. 他坐在父亲的大腿上会说:“你要知道我是你爸爸。 He would sit on his lap and say, “Yo...

My father will play football .my mother will my older brother will buy A comics in .the bookstore.. my sister will do..some .exercise i will room..we are..a..happy day . 自己写的 希望帮助你参考

Hope mom and dad in good health,Wish your family happy happiness forever

英语:Dad, Mom I love you! 日语:お父さん、お母さん私が大好き! 韩语:아빠, 엄마, 난 널 사랑해! 朝鲜语:아빠, 엄마, 난 널 사랑...

翻译如下: 爸爸,你是一个好爸爸,父亲节快乐,你辛苦了,我永远爱你 Dad, you are a responsible and charming father, happy father's day! Thank you for working so hard! I love you forever!

去辅导班 花的是他的钱 他也占不了什么便宜 都是为你好 学好英语 技不压身

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