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My name is XX, 19, sheep, a bright sunny girl. I come from China, live in yangjiang city, guangdong province on the west county Yang village. Our hometown is beautiful and the sea, where can eat delicious seafood, is the ideal place to travel resort.

I susan colleagues, to Guangzhou to you for your invitation, and other information I have received the original, but a proof of Korean Chinese do not meet the requirements, so you follow the format of the annex to the one and Fax to me.

Dear Marc: I believe that what you told you about your current condition is true. I had read your letter several times. I'm thinks carefully, yeah, your conditions do make me surprise. Now I have to figure out that if you persist of divorce.Does your wife

I am a student in Communication University Of China.My major in university is broadcast.I am a sophomore,and I will graduate from university next year.What's more,I need to learn many things.My English is very terrible,so I will attend an English

I think I may love you, because you are the first let me move, let me feel dolorous until 11 p.m. still accompany you, just to my nap, cannot let me accompany you to dawn. May you have forgotten, I said before, I feel to all the girls are the same, until you,

My handset could not hit French! Otherwise must certainly educate your! Your French I have not said pleasantly to hear! Expression good stiff! You said your our cou

I know you have a few unpleasant experience in love make you love lost the passion and allow you to be injured again. But, you know? Sometimes life is so, each person's love is not everything is going smoothly. '. Fall, fail, leaving, we are in the

Maybe all will change in a way we can't imagine. I started the insecurity, I don't know how to appease it. Just think must work hard. I cannot be your obstacles, this is I don't like. "

Dear Grandma Wu hello! Comes back since the Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair, has kept thinking about you very much, because the handset has not cleared the international call, crossed such for a long time had only then telephoned to give

Hello everyone,I'm Wang Yun,from Nei Jiang ,Sichuan province.I'm a boy with incoming,but I'd like to communicate with my friends,because I can learn much from them.I like playing pingpang ball and swimming, I don't like football the most,because

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