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麻烦专业人士帮我们公司抬头翻译下英文,谢谢! 苏...

Please kindly change payee's name from company A to company B in your order.

Shanghai Exceed Pharmic Co,.Ltd Shanghai Yuanda Cleaning Facility. Co,.Ltd just FYI


We put forward the following questions: 1 why invoices on the company's head is not the same with the seal? Our financial requirements that it must be in conformity with the company's head. 2 the beneficiary is to fill in the f...

这是标准信用证条款之一的描述: 全套原始清洁的已装船的海运提单,空白抬头,空白背书,并注明运费付讫字样,通知申请人。

Has been updated to complete the attached form, would you please help to check whether there are any errors or position looked up is not correct?

We have already informed the Agricultural Bank of China Shenzhen Branch to issue an irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit that made by your company title.

首先要说明一下,你的用词“背书的抬头”在这里用错了,因为“背书的抬头”是收提单的人,也就是指shipper把提单背书后转让给的那个受让人,而不是签署背书的人。 Due to our carelessness, we printed the Shipper in the B/L incorrectly. The cor...

专业翻译机构一般不能提供公证,公证要到专门的公证机构 其实是这样的,翻译件用不用学校抬头纸不重要,重要的是翻译件学校能不能给盖章 如果翻译件学校认可盖章(和中文件一样),那么就不需要公证了 如果翻译件学校不盖章,那么就必须将翻译件...

很简单.. The title of the Invoice\或者Invoice's title 发票的标题=发票抬头.

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