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in the face of 面对困难或者问题用这个 Face-to-face 面对面 face也可以直接做动词用,面对的意思,如: 我们必须面对现实。 We must face reality. 他勇敢地面对困难。 He faced the difficulty with courage.

1楼face to语法错误 2楼变成两个短句了 3楼比较正确,但是right是哪里冒出来的? 4楼的all the things很中式 face everything with courage

You have to confront it eventually. 或者You must face it eventually. confront 意思是“面对; 使面对面”.及物动词 face意思是“面对; 面向…; 正视”,可以作及物动词或者不及物动词。 confront 和face后面都可以直接跟需要面对的某事或者某人。...

face to 英 [feis tu:] 美 [fes tu] 面对; 偭; [例句]I met him face to face.. 我和他正面相遇。

Come down to earth. 以上两人的回答固然可用face the reality,但是如果用come down to earth,有“不再幻想”的意思,感觉更地道~ 希望对你有用~~

面对困难,_有道翻译 翻译结果: In the face of difficulties, difficulties 英 ['dɪfə,kʌltiz] 美 ['dɪfə,kʌltɪz] n. 困难(difficulty的复数);磨难 Difficulties 难关,难点,困难 resolve difficulties ...

面对面交谈 1.face-to-face meeting(会议) 2.face-to-face conversations(会话) 例句 1.在面对面交谈之后提供一份你的要求的书面摘要。 Provide a written summary of your request after the face-to-face meeting. 2.其方法包括面对面交谈...

应对挑战 face the challenges tackle the challenges cope with the challenges respond to the challenge deal with challenge tackling the challenge wrestling with challenge

面对各种客户的问题. Facing all kinds of problems from the customers. 希望可以帮到你 望采纳

英语:Adjust their attitude to actively face 日语:自分の気持ちを调整して积极的に直面する 韩语:자신의 심리 상태를 조절할 억척스러우...

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