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in the face of 面对困难或者问题用这个 Face-to-face 面对面 face也可以直接做动词用,面对的意思,如: 我们必须面对现实。 We must face reality. 他勇敢地面对困难。 He faced the difficulty with courage.

You have to confront it eventually. 或者You must face it eventually. confront 意思是“面对; 使面对面”.及物动词 face意思是“面对; 面向…; 正视”,可以作及物动词或者不及物动词。 confront 和face后面都可以直接跟需要面对的某事或者某人。...

face to 英 [feis tu:] 美 [fes tu] 面对; 偭; [例句]I met him face to face.. 我和他正面相遇。

可以,不过 difficululties加个the Be brave to face the difficulties 不过另一种说话更常见 Face the difficulties bravely ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Come down to earth. 以上两人的回答固然可用face the reality,但是如果用come down to earth,有“不再幻想”的意思,感觉更地道~ 希望对你有用~~

面对现实: 1. face the fact 2.face the truth 3. face reality Examples: 1. 我们必须面对现实。 We must face reality. 2. 我多少有些不愿意面对现实。 I felt a certain indisposition to face reality. 3. 几个月来,史密斯先生一直在怀疑他...

面对困难,_有道翻译 翻译结果: In the face of difficulties, difficulties 英 ['dɪfə,kʌltiz] 美 ['dɪfə,kʌltɪz] n. 困难(difficulty的复数);磨难 Difficulties 难关,难点,困难 resolve difficulties ...

Adjust their attitude to actively face

calm to face everything

面对面交谈 1.face-to-face meeting(会议) 2.face-to-face conversations(会话) 例句 1.在面对面交谈之后提供一份你的要求的书面摘要。 Provide a written summary of your request after the face-to-face meeting. 2.其方法包括面对面交谈...

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