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个人经验 你的学历 你的工作经验 谈一下工作吸引你的原因,再自我总结一下自己针对这个工作你的优势 浅谈一下职业展望

In high school I was involved in competitive sports and I always tried to improve in each sport I participated in. As a college student, I worked in a clothing store part-time and found that I could sell things easily. The sale...

是的,就是让你 介绍自己的名字,年龄,性格,爱好,工作能力等等。

你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下: Please write back soon and tell me about yourself 请尽快回信并告诉我你的情况。 希望我的回答对你有帮助,满意请采纳

面试常见37个问题 1."Tell me about yourself" 简要介绍你自己。 2."Why are you interested in this position?" 你为什么对这份工作感兴趣? 3."What are your strengths?" 谈谈你的优势? 4."What is Your Biggest Weakness?" 谈谈你最大...

Hello!My name is ...., I'm a boy/girl . I am ... years old . I 'm in Class...,Grade... ,...Primary /Middle School. There are ...people in my family.They are my father ,mother ,...and I . I love my family very much. My favorite ...

因为write和tell并列动词,强调的是后者,tell me 不用to。write可以理解为省略了后面的write a passage, write to sb, 指给某人写信

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