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Using PIC (with TCP/IP Stack) to communicate with computersAbstract:Uart-Wifi is a module which complies to wifi wireless networking standards with embedded wireless networking protocols (IEEE802.11 and TCP/IP Stacking), it allows user to

Although the TV series third season you may not occur again, but I'm in the first two seasons have been attracted to you. I think your acting is very good, I like that kind of feeling very. I can write to you I feel very happy! The bad character memorable to

There are eight people in my dormitory with whom we've lived more than two years, so we feel like a family. We address eath other as sisters in order of age. The first and second as well as third elder sister all come from Shouguang , the county of

i am in hangzhou not shanghai. i just stayed in shanghai for one night. i have been working these days without having a rest. i am so busy that i have

Foreign the Social internationalization, rapid economic development and competitiveness of constant challenge with increasingly fierce contemporary VI design potential. This paper discusses the VI design system the important role in international

Childhood is the most happy time, there is the origin of dreams.I think everyone in childhood fantasies, longing for the fantasy adventure,But as we grew up, we forgot the simplest but most true happiness,To chase the decadent, illusory fall. Then, we

Precious four year university life is closer to the end, in the graduate, I this four years harvest and the feeling as a summary, and use this for my future as a guide to action.Thoughts, I pursue progress, and ideological awareness has improved a lot. I

Tomorrow I'ii be back to South Korea, may be I haven't a chance to come to Shanghai again. Will you invite me to your bands extraiy? Will I have a

In recent years along with our country national economy's development and the country housing system's reform, the living standards unceasing enhancement, the housing environment also had the skip-type enhancement, the average per person

Because yesterday I went to bed early, can't see this message, missed and your interaction with pity, your message I almost each are back, you are my energy, my strength. I like your TV and songs, looking forward to your new songs

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