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Every time that you get undressed I hear symphonies in my head I wrote this song just looking at you oh oh Yet the drums they swing low And the trumpets they go And the trumpets they go Yeah the trumpets they go Da da da ra ra ...

Artist:alyssa reid Songs Title:live to tell On the road Holding on to the end of the rope Have you lost your mind? Where you left behind to find your way home? To cries and lie 6 feet deep in lies Can you hold your now? Where...

Tarzan And Jane ToryBox的歌,比较老了.下面是视听下载地址.

Thank You - Dido My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all And even if I could it'd all be grey But your picture on my wall It reminds me that it's ...

推荐Naturally 7这个乐队. 从第一张砖what is it起所有砖的所有歌纯b-box伴奏 很了不起~ 歌很不错 比如 forever for you,another you,say you love me,music is the key等,希望你喜欢吖~

有经典的 if your mother only knew 节奏好点的 boom boom pow ,billy jean,satisfaction,you and me,等等 其实一些节奏感强的歌曲都可以作为bbox的元素. 去年上海bbox大赛上就有人把"我在马路边捡到一分钱"融入bbox 可见一斑

搜《完美音调Pitch Perfect》 The Barden Bellas,有很多好听的阿卡贝拉歌曲,其中有几首是用人声打节拍,风格类似B box

歌曲名:She 演唱者:Groove Coverage 是不? 或者是 lucky - 布兰妮的

Rihanna - Umbrella

不知道你说的是不是这个呢 sexbomb-tom jones & mousse t

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