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能手 高手的英语翻译

1.once upon a time,there were three little pigs,named pete, pat and paui, they were day ,they left their mother's house. it was winter. they wanted to build a new house.they met a man. he had straw to sell. 从前有三只小猪,名字叫做皮特,帕特和珀易,他们是三兄弟.有一天,他们离开他们妈妈的房子,那是冬天的时候,他们想建一间新房子.他们遇到了一个男人,他可以卖稻草给他们!



1,master(大师,也就是高手) 2,espert(专家,同样有高手的意思) 3,superior(高手) 4,master-hand(能手) 希望您满意.

在卡特里娜飓风停息之后,我回到奥尔良家中.我在那里的房屋已经沦落为齐腰高低的废墟,腐臭而肮脏. 在启程前,我去修理了汽车.当汽车修理厂的办公职员登记时看到了我的路易斯安那州的牌照.“你是从新奥尔良来的?”她问道.我

The butterfly landed on tearing palm. A little girl began to live with her grandma after parents' divorce, and later she was adopted by an entrepreneur. Years passed, she grew up and became a teacher. so from then on, she can live on herself rather than support from her entrepreneur stepfather.

First, Li Hua is the second class, a student, learning English has been five years: two at first, Li Hua in English learning difficulties encountered (eg: can not remember the words, teachers do not understand lectures, etc.) almost lost Confidence;


My hobbies are playing computer, because (I have) there is a memorable experience. Now, I'll give you brief us on that unforgettable experience.At first, I (inadvertently) is found in my father's bookcase a book on computer books, (which) would start


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