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你和Tom呢? 翻译成英语

How about Tom and you

Tom is her brother.

I'm as old as Tom(is). = My age is the same as Tom's = I am the same age as Tom.

Tom finishes his homework more careful than Daming.

My English name is Tom .My chinese name is Tang Mu. You can call me as you like.

如果这个“在一起”单纯是说这个在一起的动作,而不是谈恋爱呢。可以翻译成: Do you (happen to碰巧) know (have any idea about) who is with tom? 或者 Do you (happen to碰巧)know (have any idea about) who is hanging out with tom? 如果...

填【going on a vacation】 希望帮到你,满意敬请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢~~

TOM has ever been China for several times

letom(let's) 让我们 let's 英 [lets] 美 [lets] abbr. let us 让我们

您好,翻译为:Tom didn't go to .school 希望帮呼你

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