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你和Tom呢? 翻译成英语

My friend Tom is a student.He comes feom America and he can speak little Chinese as well.He is an interesting person.He likes telling stories and everyone likes him very much.He is good at playing football and he wants to join 。

My English name is Tom .My chinese name is Tang Mu. You can call me as you like.

Tom is her brother.

Is your name Tom? Are you Tom?

Can you and Tom play chess?

At last please share the sweet memory with your friend . 当然也可以翻译为, Finally please share the sweet memory with your friend Tom. 与某人分享什么可以说成 share sth with sb 很明显这是一个祈使句。

Did Tom make tea boil? No.he is doing.

1.我每天会碰到有趣的人们,并问他们问题 I meet interesting people everyday and ask them questions. 2.Tom喜欢和演员交谈 Tom likes to talk with actors. ( 也可以把 talk with 换成 talk to )

It never occured to me that Tom would be elected the Chairman of the Students" Union.

1。 We walked a long way and finally found that abandon city. 2. Middle school students aren't allowed to smoke. 3. My first impression of Mr Smith is that he is both strict and interesting. 4. Tom is considered to play basketb...

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