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What would you like to eat? What do you want to ea

What would you like for breakfast?

你晚餐想吃什么英语为What would you like for dinner? 英 [w&

回答和翻译如下: 你想吃点什么? What do you want to eat?(音译:窝特,

你好,高兴为你回答。 你想吃什么? 用英语表达: 直接说: What do you want to

你早饭都吃什么? 英语是:What do you eat for breakfast? 句子

what do you eat for lunch? eat have 都可以

地道的应该说,what would you like? 如果提供的吃的东西有范围,应该是,what

What would you like? 最常用的,通俗易懂!

你写的有错误,起码也是what do you want for dinnner? 这里不适合用be

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