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欧美说唱音乐 男的唱的。开头是 噔!噔!噔噔噔噔...

是dr.dre的《still d.r.e》在一个科比和麦蒂视频的开始前两分钟音乐

是fun.的we are young吧

你好!很高兴为您解答 你说的非常的模糊这首歌的名字可能是 Love The Way You Lie -Eminem如果我帮到你的话 请记得采购 最佳打字不易,采纳哦!

你好!T-pain - bartender 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

Show You Love - Jaci Velasquez Please forgive me If I come on too strong I get a little anxious When I talk about God's love Hold me back now Stop me if I start to preach Cause I don't want to be the one To push you out of reach The way to give love



The Next Episode-Dr.Dre 很难找,能想到的就这首,黑人说唱

《B What U Wanna B 》歌词: Doctor, actor, lawyer or a singer Why not president, be a dreamer You can be just the one you wanna be Police man, fire fighter or a post man Why not something like your old man You can be just the one you wanna

The Mass - 时代乐团(Era)

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