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迄今为止 如何翻译成英语

so far/ by now/ until now 华东五校英语专业学生

We have not received the customer's order so far. Please ask the customer if there is any further need.

So far we have learnt three English books 望采纳

so far i have been loving you for 100 days.but it seems not enough for me until i spend my whole life.

Up till now Li Ming has won three prizes in English competitions.

is an commercial project with largest volume and the most comprehensive types of operations ever. 望采纳! 我也知道什么是业态了。 谢谢

迄今为止我们的公司已经成立16年了 So far, our company has been in existence for 16 years.

This is the most fantastic video I've ever seen!

1. so far, they share one thing in common: they treat their work seriously 2. the old grandma cares about the poor and gives them her hand


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