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你好!The comment on movie Gua Sha Treatment英文中没有书名号,电影名称首字母大写,也可斜体或加引号仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.


Gua Sha, known as kerik in Indonesia, Cao Gio in Vietnam (see Harvey Keitel's The Three Seasons) and khoud lam in Laos is a legitimate and effective therapy. In Asia it is usually done with a coin, Chinese soup spoon, slice of water buffalo horn,

第一页:Dennis was a premature birth, only 4pounds.,so small and treasure like a little monkey.丹尼斯是个早产儿出生时只有四磅.He's my son .他是我儿子.He's going to grow up as a man,to get marry ,and continue the XU's family blood line in

Chinese immigrants struggle to hold onto their American dream after the husband's father (Xu Zhu) comes for a visit from mainland China and gives a simple Chinese Medicine therapy called Gua Sha to his grandson.Da Tong (Tony Leung Ka Fai)

人在美国,身不由己“人在美国,身不由己”.是我在看完被圈内人士看好的影片《刮痧》之后的最大感受.伴随着画面的推进,故事的演绎,一个美国社会的华人家庭遭遇跃然眼前. 以细节为支点从艺术角度来看,不难看出.导演充分发挥的

In the thinking mode, mainly manifests in the raise child and treats people handles matters the aspect. In China, teaches the child aspect, the parents generally believe that suitable beating and scolding to the raise child is beneficial, also educated

Gua Sha is a movie about the differences between American and Chinese culture. Xu datong is a video games designer in St. Louis. When his father visits from China, he performs Gua Sha (a Chinese traditional treatment) on his grandson, which

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