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lighthouse意思 灯塔; 复数:lighthouses 相关单词:Lighthouse 灯塔 双语对照 lighthouse [英][lathas][美][lathas] n.灯塔; 复数:lighthouses 相关单词:Lighthouse 例句1 He was to keep watch in the lighthouse.该他到灯塔上值班.

light house[英][lait haus][美][lat has] 灯室,灯塔,灯台;

lighthouse[英][lathas][美][lathas]n.灯塔; 复数:lighthouses例句:1.Guides are local people, among them former lighthouse keepers. 导游是一些当地人,其中就有那些以前守护灯塔的人.2.The land on which the lighthouse stands has been in the newman family for generations. 纽曼家族拥有包括灯塔在内的这片土地,传到现在已经有好几代了

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歌曲名:Lighthouse歌手:Westlife专辑:LighthouseLighthouseWestlifeThis kind of loveIs more than a lifelineFor a man who's weak as meWho has no self-bellieveThis kind of loveIs more than amazingFor a man who had lost his wayWho called it


This kind of love 这种爱Is more than a lifeline不仅仅是一个生命线For a man as weak as me 一个弱的我Who has no 谁也没有self believe 自认为This kind of love 这种爱Is more than amazing 不仅仅是惊人的For a man who 一个男人lost his way 他


Stretching Lighthouse伸展的灯塔1Try stretching your legs and pulling your toes upwards.试着双腿伸直并且向上拉伸脚趾.2Take, for example, simply stretching the screen:举例来说,假如将iPhone的屏幕拉伸: | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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