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香港的地铁不是这样说的 正确应该是: 开往上环既列车即将到达,先让车上乘客落车” The train to centre is arriving,please let the passengers alight first 请勿靠近车门 please stand far from the doors

The government should come up with a better solution to the problem of pollution as soon as possible. She devoted his whole life to caring for the poor.

翻译 1. We have the following two improvement measures in accordance with the requirements of headquarters: 2. We will confirm this vacuum packing machine together with internal PM, confirm the results will come out next Monday.

Only the fruit needs to be bought from the market by yourself. fruit当指水果的统称的时候一般是用作不可数名词,就是说后面的单词形式要用单数 He has been learning English for 6 years.

1) Please offer your E-mail,I send the catalog of the products to you. 2) I have sent the catalog of the products to your E-mail. Do you received? Please reply. 以上是书信格式.

请将你的标志(Logo) ,用图片发给我.谢谢 Would you please send me your logo in the format of picture? Thanks. 注意,笔有2种,A种款和B款. Please notice that there are two types of pens, type A and type B. 请参考图片. Refer the pictur...

1.Why these products are noType R but Q?Is there some production condition need to be modified ? And Is it also necessary to make a distinction with other products ?If so,please provide us the MRB and tell us the basic reason a...

现在我要宣布主权了是 Now I am going to proclaim sovereignty. 这是一份主权声明 This is a sovereignty declaration

Positive feedback from you is appreciated. As for the sample provided before, I hope to receive your good news soon. Could you please tell me PANTONE# of these colors? So I can consult the factory if they can work it out.Or I c...

这位朋友若是你要把中文翻译成英语,或英语翻译成中文的话,你可以去金山词霸去翻译!但是,请记住词霸只是一个辅助的工具,成功还是要靠自己平时对英语单词的积累! 1.I hope to face the following interview with courage。 2.Hope the conve...

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