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The government should come up with a better solution to the problem of pollution as soon as possible. She devoted his whole life to caring for the poor.

翻译 1. We have the following two improvement measures in accordance with the requirements of headquarters: 2. We will confirm this vacuum packing machine together with internal PM, confirm the results will come out next Monday.

1.Why these products are noType R but Q?Is there some production condition need to be modified ? And Is it also necessary to make a distinction with other products ?If so,please provide us the MRB and tell us the basic reason a...

Dear ***,感谢你给我的来信,由于支付系统出错,暂时不能付款,一旦恢复,我会通知你的,谢谢 Dear...Thank you for your mail. Payment is not available at the moment due to default mistakes of payment system. I will inform you once restore...

I am still waiting on some other factories' quotes, I will update the product price list next week. Please inform me if there's anything missing. Thank you very much!

This amount is very little for factory. They just need four days to finish it. If you fail to get the order, can you help deal with these inventory

1) Please offer your E-mail,I send the catalog of the products to you. 2) I have sent the catalog of the products to your E-mail. Do you received? Please reply. 以上是书信格式.

请将你的标志(Logo) ,用图片发给我.谢谢 Would you please send me your logo in the format of picture? Thanks. 注意,笔有2种,A种款和B款. Please notice that there are two types of pens, type A and type B. 请参考图片. Refer the pictur...

Unfortunately, the username and account were incorrect. We hope you can send the correction letter to the bank as soon as possible, rectify the bank information into: 我对银行不怎么了解, 希望没翻译错。

1. I am sorry, there is something wrong with the cup. I have arranged to have the sample redone/remade and it is expected to be done/made within next week. May I send you the other samples first? 2. The color of the cup handle ...

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