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请帮忙翻译一些英文句子 请不要软件翻译 谢谢了

1.In many cases regulations alone will not work. 2.She stared at me as if I were a ghost. 3.I'd rather stay at home than go out in such hot weather.

1.Wow!You has a good vision2.This style looks very good.3.This is our new style.4.How about it?Do you like it?5.Which style do you like ?6.This?OK7.This price is very low8.If you really like it,we can sell cheaper9.Oh,it's too low.10.Can it be higher?

United States movie Seven taken from Christian folklore and classic "seven sins". Catholics were in EternitySeven great sin (seven deadly sins): gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, pride, jealousy, anger, repeatedly appears in the Bible, religious books


TV channel package is based channel content and features of a new and distinctive form of television channels to conduct an overall introduction and promotion. Today, the channel has risen to packaging and television brand-building strategy for a

你好!这是您的翻译! Can we total up the overall order qty so far rec'd from Sanmina. I manage to find time today and find the qty very odd. 我们可以把至今从Sanmina那收到的全部订单数量合计起来.今天我会抽出空来,看看那奇怪的数量.

Do not thank those who have hurt you, saying that they make you mature. This is unfair for those who love you. Remember it is your efforts that makes you mature and it is those who loves you that keeps you fighting.

the attached CAD file(s) cannot be opened, and it might be broken. So could you please resend those files? And, if possible, competible with lower version (e.g. CAD 2004) will be grateful.

Traditionally, universities have carried out two main activities:research and teaching. 照惯例,各大学推出两个主要的活动:研究和教学.Many experts would argue that both these activities play a critical role in serving the community. 许多专家认为

This employee has rich work experience, strong sense of responsibility, can actively assist and better complete the assigned tasks. If there is a production fault in the evening, I will take the initiative to solve it in the workshop to ensure the smooth

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