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B:我们敲门前门就自动打开了 C:我们朝四周看时,女孩已消失在视线里了 D:我们刚进电影院电影就开始了 公交车一到我们就上车了 E:经历外出开会期间由金小姐管理公司 F:我洗澡时电话响了 我今早起身时突然下雨了 随着时间流逝这个年轻女孩变...

My school life is very interesting! I often get up in 6 a.m .And I wash hands quickly.After breakfast ,I always walk to school. I have Chinese, math ,physics and English classes in this morning.呃……太多了吧,你自己继续写

(1) he cracks from despair in the life of the Enlightenment, the island had for decades. His work on the island, open up wasteland, the interest of captive livestock production of rice and wheat, year after year and lonely, a...

I think loneis the most important gift that parents give to their children. love is a great word, and parents are the people who creat love and give love. Insisting on love is their duty, even tired, they regard it as sweet.

please open your books and turn to page 95. we will begin to learn the vocabulary of unit one


i had experience the same thing when i was studying abroad in Japan and loved in love with a girl there,but i had to return to China but her families hoped we could live in Japan. it might be the most commonly talked topic for ...

In real life the, the actual happenings can never get a close relation with the discussed forum.

再差能怎么样呢? 过最充实的生活 由山南鲁斯 会,应该,应该。没有什么比一个案件的假设。帮助你避免missed-opportunity陷阱,全球化带给你这无悔的公式。问问自己,你会后悔:考虑风险和有或没有它,总是事与愿违,可能已经不知道什么。有兴趣...

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