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Now ,I will tell you a joke .

密猟:88/9 1 ., 10210 嶄猟:88/9 MU1 孱欲満追揃,叫防笨,責鯉廉,密忽凧紅10210

厘断垢殻弗将狛j冩梢,泌惚奐紗a stainless steel strip on the left side,宸倖刃協頁勣誘秘庁醤継議.醤悶継喘珊壓得浩,徽児云氏壓3嵐2胆署恣嘔,宸畳音頁匯永弌議継喘.匯違峪嗤厘断議VIP 人薩匯定1埃10嵐岬議弁楚厘断巷望嘉氏葎人薩

19.1 .低鳩協阻捻壓議麟半欠,壓艇議殻會辛嬬恢伏麟半議寄賑,邦議彿坿賜仇中? 19.2 .低囑欺販採亶息,亶息賜凪麿電慧議嗤墾麗嵎,晒僥麗嵎賜系創議利嫋? 20.1 .艇議利嫋頁倦嗤匯倖覚典,持自陥序才隠擦伏麗謹劔來才隠擦才個鋲桟廠? 20.2 .低持自寡函企仏,參鳩隠辛隔偬來寡杭議圻可創? 20.3 .低嗤屓貨:埆栖埆謹議圻可創? (泌爽匍,旋喘廬児咀恬麗,辛隔偬議勾恬圭隈吉) 20.4 .低嗤屓貨:聞喘議圻可創壓伏恢狛殻嶄? 20.5 .低嗤寡杭屓貨,寡杭圻可創議辛隔偬貫艇議工哘斌? 20.6 .低頁倦癖喘噐桟廠炎彈議匯何蛍,艇議工哘斌僉夲狛殻?

In the late 1990s, the crime committed by students on their pe

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1. dogs can swim, right 2. this halls may hold 3000 people 3. ^I might come in ̄ ^certainly to be possible ̄ 4. to be possible to elect these two 5. you tomorrow afte


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