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The deform of a vessel is influenced by many factors,welding deformation is the key one.The double bottom section will be deformed in the building procedure,which is the main point and rub in the ship building process.The experience of hull

Business English correspondence is a way to a business environment, the use of letters and have different culture background customers to the cross-cultural communication behavior. Business English letters and international trade professional

This article attempts in the predecessor research results foundation, in the research light pollution legal regime system as well as the practice the light pollution law relief way and the application, discuss in our country urban construction the light

Network of the new economy, knowledge has changed the standard measure of corporate wealth, knowledge, become a strategic asset, as the carrier of human resources of knowledge, is the first enterprise resource, how to do human resource

In view of the present domestic underground voice communication inflexible or high cost of communication system, designed a kind of low power consumption, low cost, the use of flexible and efficient hand-held voice communication terminal. By

Due to those days I have not checked my email,I'm very sorry for delay to reply.It is an appriciate that You trust me , I got a deep impression on the interview that

In order to strengthen with Business agency's exchange, lets the user understand the IT work well, simultaneously IT can also the clearer customer demand, guarantee that provides the high grade IT service. on 9/26th afternoon, Huiyang IT and user's

Though I fail to reach the end of the world with you, you shouldn't stay there for me. We,after all,belongs to two different worlds, just watching each other i

I am cheerful, friendly with others, to work seriously. Students in the school during the work liaison to the cooperation with the students. Because the students will work with man

The most irritating thing is not when you wear a visiting team jersey sitting among the home team audience , but as home team was beaten 0.1 sec.ahead of the end of the game, y

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