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The girl was seen when, lying on the ground, be at one's last gasp. Her parents are very regret not taking good care of herAlthough the exam I left behind, but I am not discouraged. As long as I work hard, I must make great progress. After all, the last

1. I have some glassware to be shipped to Hongkong, what risks should I cover? 如果我想运送一些玻璃器皿到香港, 我需要覆盖那些风险? 2. You're better cover your goods against breakage. Please let us have the policy as soon as it is ready.

We should help clean the city garden. I want to help kids do their homework.I want to make the sick children be happy. Why don't you join the Volunteer Project of our school?It will be only three weeks now for coming of the Teacher's Day.Let's write

1.这种疾病常以发高烧的症状出现. this kind of disease is companied with the symptom of high fever. 2.那条公路修好后,这座城市周围新建了许多工厂. a lot of factories was set up around the city after the road was built. 3.这两个问题在会议上占

The name of total quality management, the first of 60 early 20th century, leading experts from the Philippines and the United States out of the root Bao Muti. It is based on the traditional quality management, with the development of science and

i wonder if you could give me some advice on how to learn English better. i will call you once i get the ticket. he found himself lying in a warm bed when he woke up. i found that Paul was always silent in the maths classes. Helen goes jogging every

他不寻常的举动引起了我们的怀疑His unusual acting has aroused our suspicion他告诉我们他刚找到新工作,我们举杯向他表示祝贺He told us he had found new work, we drank to congratulate him这位美丽的女士把他迷住了The charming lady

Do you know when we will hold our sport meeting He asked us how can protect our environment She want to know how long i got known kate Can i ask you whether you like living in China I do not know who will come here Do you kow when the shop closed I have heard that our team got the win can you tell me who sing the song

1. These things are delicious, you can try the. 2. We can go together. 3. You can follow my drift? 4. You want to join us? 5. I most want to go in Egypt, I am very interested in the pyramid. 6. This medicine to treat bruises, and works well. 7. This is a

Epi to fly m m micron unit of measurement 1.10 a power of 3. From the lens to see the world 2. From the micro to the macro 4. This is a high-speed travel, and each time the rate jumps to 10 times. 5. From the beginning of 10 0 involution (that is 1

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