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We have received your mail bill, zhang project some objectionsThe first: installation debug charge according to contract for 3000 dollars, why con

The faith can initiate power, also sincerity will achieve prosperity, as a vibrant enterprise ---- Our declaration is: "Entrepreneurship with passion and succeed

I have founded the mailbox group for IVVT, please see following tags, and they can be used.

This novel's plot looks resembles loosely, it including independent taking a walk. But it is actually take the social history big transformation as the background, take the marriage as the link, by Beijing's Yao, Zeng, cow three everybody the lengthy

there will be less estrangement but more friedship and warmth between human.our life will be better.

你让我觉得很虚幻 You make me feel unreal 终点是我永远到不了的地方 The destination is the place I can never get 思念像苦药 Missing you is lik

Great two great three period participates in my school about Beijing resident 7 big index investigation projects, is responsible for the questionnaire the street visit, data input and following few analysis work, although the work load is big and is

American players, please learn from Lara and be the clean players.

全人工翻译, 保证全对!Ready? 你准备好了吗?What else? 还有什么?Excellent! 好极了!That's a good idea. 那真是个好主意. Thanks a lot. 非常感谢.What about you? 你又如何呢?

If you don't have it, then you don't need to bring it But remember! I think this time, I will not loose to you again, hehe The place I live in now is pretty far from Tokyo, but I have been there before, so it shouldn't be a problem. Oh yeah, can your Japanese

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