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I'm a middle school student. I get up at six every morning. Then I brush my teeth at six fifteen and have a quick breakfast before half past six.Next,I go to school on foot at seven. When I get to school, I start to read English articles and remember those

您好:My school day. I get up at 6 o 'clock in the morning, and have breakfast at half past six, then go to school at seven o 'clock. We have nine lessons a day, to do morning reading at seven o 'clock forty, class begins at eight o 'clock. At noon, we

'm John.I'm a student.We go to school from Monday to Friday. I go to school by bike every day. Our lessons start at 8:00 a.m. and finish at 4:00 p.m. We have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. We have many subjects,such as

学校的一天 浙江省湖州市 湖师附小 502 何蕙婷 这是我难忘的一天,因为湖州师范大学的老师在我们班实教的最后一天,给我们上了一堂课,我的心中格外的兴奋,便端端正正地坐在座位上静静的等待着老师的到来. 老师来了,当她看见我们既

My School day I am a primary school student. I am twelve years old. I usually get up at 6: 00 in the morning, after breakfast I go to school at 6: 50. I have seven lessons in a day. I learn Chinese, Maths, English and other subjects. In the afternoon, I do


In the morning,I got up at 6o'clock.Then I did some exercise in the garden.After that,I had an egg and a piece of bread for breakfast.I had four classes in the morning:math Chinese English and P.E..At noon,we had some vegetables and rice for lunch

7:30来到学校,早读8:00 上语文9:00上数学10:00上英语11:00上地理 中午回家吃饭,下午2:00上课2:00上历史3:00上物理4:00上生物5点回家吃饭,吃完饭就看电视啦 感觉好无聊的一天的哦,都是这样三点一线的

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