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Journey to the West is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literatures.It is written in 16th century Ming dynasty.It tells a story about a Buddhist monk and his three students who are animals but with human characteristic.They travel west

Things about Me I am Miao Yu Feng. Perhaps the word "average" can best describe me. I am of average HEiGHt, average weight and of average complexion. I have a thin face, double-lid eyes and a pointed nose. My hair is black, short and

最佳答案 are you tried of selecting thousends of books in the huge book store?Do you want to be successful in communicating in english?now,just look at this book:,it not only give you the most popular slang,but provide the background information.

Hello Tim, It seems that your brother is curious about the book "Journey to the West". Therefore, the following is the brief background and description for the book. I hope that it is helpful to him before reading. Truly, Li Hua. The classical Chinese

以下两篇,参考一下 1. My pen pal is an outstanding person.我的笔友是一个出色的人. She's from China Shanghai. 她来自上海. She is 14 years old.她今年14岁. She speak English very well. 她英语说的很好. She can play the Guzheng. 她会

A good book is a good friend. My favorite book called 《journey to the west》.When I I felt very excited and interested .It is one of the most popular stories in China.The

My pen-pal is Frank Black. He is 14-year-old from Sydney, Australia. His birthday is June 22nd. He speaks English and a little Chinese. His favorite sport is swimming. At school, his favorite subject is music. He likes to watch movies. His favorite one is Titanic. He likes to have beef noodles.

My favorite book is <<JANE EYRE>>.Jane is not beautiful ,she is short and thin.Her childhood is hard,her parents died when she was a baby.Her anut sent her to a school ,so she lived here for eight years.After leaving school, she met Rochester who

Living in the concrete jungle,we have to admit that our busy.extravagant lives are corroding our souls little by little.Only by being close to nature can we recover our vitality and go back our true selves.Breathing in fresh air,smelling the fragrance of

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