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低宸頁勣貧爺亜 鍬咎撹哂猟頁You're going to heaven 犢愆遍蚪楼 be going to 嬉麻,柴皿恂蝶並´´ 1.柴皿(賜嬉麻、畳協)(恂蝶並) 2.軸繍(窟伏蝶並) 3.辛嬬氏(窟伏蝶並) 4.屎嬉麻,祥勣,繍勣 5.嬉麻勣,誨讃窯 箭鞘 She is going to w...


He is going up in the sky 箭鞘 I'm going up in the sky. 厘勣幅欺爺貧肇。

低挫辛鍬咎葎Today I am going to ask for an expressage,please send the courier to my house to take my stuff.My address is Room403,No.4,Lane67,Rd..,...District.Please tell me when you will send the person to my house?諾吭萩堀...

牌低挫。 You are wonderful, god has its own arrangements 錬李厘議指基逸廁阻低泌惚珊嗤焚担夘諒辛弖諒賜暴佚厘。。。

和中萩XX揖僥傍和初府和厘断丕坩旗尖議販岼訳周 Here is presented under XX students said, we are agents agent working conditions on campus 1. 壓丕僥伏 In school 2. 穫糞便佚垢恬塚伉聾崑夭販伉膿 Honest and trustworthy, patient...

Are you going to do your homework at home this morning ?

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Go to bed now or you will be late for work tomorrow.

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