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It is very easy to me.

这是王尔德的名言 原句:Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. 意即;做好你自己,别人已经有人占了

So easy! 这就可以了呀!希望你能采纳,谢谢。

淄博秋实外事翻译服务社 地址:张店区金晶大道云龙大厦201室(华光路与中心路路口)(文化艺术城)

其实幸福很简单,放下手机陪我就好, In fact happiness is very simple , as long as you put down mobile phone and stay with me

Only paper and scissor are enough, first paper-cutting wins popular among village. From ancient china, lantern-making was famous customs for the festival and red-letter day coming, on great day ,the lanterns will be put up. The...

要表示别害怕用 Don't be afraid 比较常用 可以用Don't be scared. 不太用Don't scare.


In the case of the price right, Whenever the price is right, As long as the price is right, As far as the price is right

My travel experiences I love travel very much,because i like different views of different places. I have travelled since I was a child.I have been many places,seen the sea, climbed the mountain,gone to the World Expo,visited th...

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