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Hello, I am Chenxiaoyu, 21, from Yichang in Hubei Province 2010.7 graduated from Wuhan Vocational College of Language and Culture, My major is a logistics management, I am a lively girl laugh, good communication, like receive new things.

When the sun shines bright on my face, burns a little pain, there is some warmth. I know, the summer came, unconsciously. Look at the sky, as if to see Blazing Angels waving wings, hit bursts of warm air, the smell of flowers with thorns, and then told

Hi, I received you e-mail today. In your e-mail you mentio

Example provides students to learn standard English, the basic structure of the example, a slightly modified example, if their point of view, it can be a creative use of language.2.2, Theme-basedMethod theme-based training method to train more

Hello, we noticed you on August 26 in under a list here, but no payment. We don't know what the reason, do you have any questions for the goods? If you have any questions, please contact us, we will promptly answer for you. If your payment is successful, then we will timely delivery for you.

1 我们建议您尽量选择快一点的快递方式.如果您选择了慢的快递方式,就请不要要求我们发快的快递方式. 【We recommend that you choose a faster way of delivery. If you choose a slow delivery, then pleas

翻译P16中译英1, Mrs. Smith complained to me that she often found with his sixteen year old daughter just can not communicate2, I believe, reading shorthand (simplified) English fiction is to expand our vocabulary in a relaxed and enjoyable way3,

British linguist David pointed out that the total number of English users will not fall, but the other side is difficult to say. He said: "English as a mother tongue to the number will continue to rise, but its growth rate than many of the world's other

As China's familiar bamboo fluters instruments, in our country has 7,000 years of history. It dates back in zhejiang province, where the unearthed hemudu seven years ago, bone flute of bone. Although bamboo fluters simple structure, but it has rich

To see whether a woman self-confident, after looking at her up

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