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请英语大虾帮忙翻译 邮件

Dear Mr/Ms XX, I'd like to know details of

How are you! Mr. wang from our company called you

About 2 years ago to your company to sell our prod

Thank you for your proposal, and we will consider

The machine price is as-is (110,000 U.S dollars) R

请检查你的收件箱 我们已经给你发送了一封包含解锁的引导装载程序密钥,请检查收件箱查看你上一步进入的

In order to cooperate with you, we can cancel part

Room.701,Unit 1,Building No.36,No.72,Hongdu Canton

用高级口译上的技巧来翻翻看: 热烈欢迎丹麦代表团到公主岭市洽谈合作 I'd like

本协议条款必须遵循《INTERCOMS 2000》的相关规定,并依据《INTERCOMS 2000》

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