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请英语高手帮我翻译一下,谢谢 ̄!

用英语写文章以使少数人能理解 今天我的心情不好,还哭了.或许不是因为期中考试,也不是因为我的一个好朋友做了件很突然的事情吧. 七年前,我失去了一位最亲爱的人.2002年,我还是一个任性的12岁女孩.那时候,我并不知道该如何去爱他,这永远是我最大的遗憾.我仍然很清楚的记得,我和姐姐跪在墓前,发誓会努力学习.或许我并不坚强,但我已长大成人.我将好好学习,实现我的诺言. 爸爸,我不会让你失望,您的女儿永远爱您!希望您在天堂能够永远快乐. 3-26记

搂住,这是我自己翻译的,请参照! Now do not believe in love 现在不相信爱情 Maybe at the wrong time to do should not do 也许在错误的时间做不该做的 Would be doomed to no avail 将会注定没有用 I am too much of the past existence of the

one for the money and the car i drive, 一是钱呀车我开 two for the girls who are passin by,二是女孩们走过来 three for the house and the hills outside三是房子在山外 four for the guys and the wop wop woop四是哥们儿跳起来 one for the money

thank you for your email. in other to make you trust the quality of our product, we will offer you 2 sets for free.i will email you after sending the goods.wish to have a long term relationship in the future.

It was really a busy day. For the new year is around the corner, we did a spring-cleaning. I'd like to do some help so mom let me sweep the windows, chairs and tables. And sister helped clean the kitchen and toilet. It was very tired but I felt satisfied at the moment I saw the dirty house became neat now.

In outside, It`s heavy rain, also thunderclap follows. That makes me scard, and miss you involuntarily. You are always encourage me in brave and independence, however, I don`t. I fear if we were separate in the storm. as the result, everything of which

下面的翻译: 1.Joe Sanders拥有我们镇上最漂亮的花园.几乎每个人都参加每年举办的"最佳花园竞赛",而每次都是Joe Sanders获胜.Bill Frith的花园比Joe的大,他比Joe也更勤奋,种植的花卉和蔬菜也更多,但Joe的花园更富有情趣.他修筑

Do not use the phrase was too difficult for high school, and with the attributive clause Ye Hao. Thank you ~ I have more inward character, not a particularly positive person. But if you and I got to know each, and you will find that I also have an active

I have dreamed that when physics does not exist in the world,lots of students will no longer feel lost.

你用英语去应聘啊! 口语和书面语是不一样的诶!你最好找个口语好一点的英语老师问一问,或者去问外教

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