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I have filled out /in the form and faxed it to you , please check it. But my passport is still being processed. Would you mind my mailing it to you a few days later ? 我已经把表格填好并且传真给你,请查收。但是我的护照正在办理中...

你的文章中要包含三个表达内容,这三个表达内容要出自你选择单元。 2个基于背诵内容的问题。 2个基于1-4单元句型汇总的问题。

可以这么说; Dear..., I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience. How about the total quanity? Would you let me know the wrong model so that I can check this with our warehouse?

1划界为疆As the border demarcation 2山湖连城Lake City 您好,望楼主采纳

5。被动元件整合 射频电路设计者必须选择片上和片外被动元件整合。低功耗实现,所选择的方法必须提供方法恢复高性能从低功率电路的报道。以上结果表明,选择适当的功率和性能是芯片集成。芯片集成五月一日出现目前的成本劣势在片上集成。然而,...

cowboy就可以啦 不用加western 采纳哦

论文太专业了 可以帮你转成word后 你再用翻译工具翻译

Now ,please let me introduce the main information about our business hall .****administration of power supply lies in ****popedom. There are twenty-four thousand eight hunderd and thirty-nine electricity consumers, including on...

she was a boy, it wasn't easy for her 做一个男孩 对她来说并非易事 I was a child to see it 当我还是一个孩子的时候 she came alone to build her story 我曾目睹她是如何打拼出自己的传奇 I was so young and loved her 我那时是如此的年轻...

国税发票 State Taxation invoice 其他发票: 增值税发票 Added value tax invoice 广告发票 Advertisement invoice 运输发票 Transport the invoice 针床Bed-of-Nails 双面针床 Double-sided Bed-of-Nails

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