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用google在线翻译帮你查的,仅供参考!WTO basic knowledgeIntroduction to E-CommerceModern Education TechnologyEducation Research MethodsEducation ManagementEducational PsychologyPedagogyTourism ManagementTourism

during the period of study hard, enrich their spare, let oneself every day the full努力学习,丰富课余期间,让自己的每一天都过的充实”

Course nameOverview of artCollege sports 1Thought morals tutelage and legal foundationCollege English 1-1Japanese 1-1The military theorySketch 1Colour 1Design basisInformation technologyCollege sports 2China's modern history

1. Western costume history 2. principle of Interior design 3. Silk screen basal techniques (a) 4. Wood base (elective) 5. Clay sculpture: copy (elective) 6. Female jacket (elective) 7. design investigation8 . Human resource development and management

Military skills trainingInformation technology infrastructure ofIntroduction to the military for national defenseCommunication: people with the mediaAppreciation of dance worksPlant Tissue Culture ofStatistics and field trials of biological

Analog electronics, digital circuits and digital systems, digital signal processing, semiconductor physics, laser theory, optical fiber and optical communication, optoelectronic devices and applications Computer networks, professional computer

1、科技文献检索:Document Retrieval Technology.2、设施园艺学:Horticultural facilities.3、园林植物病虫害防治:Garden plant pest control.4、园林植物遗传育种学:Garden plant genetics and breeding.5、城市生态学:Urban Ecology.6、城

体育(4): Physical Education (4)军事训练: Military Training土地资源管理专业概论: Introduction to Land Resouce Management Major思想道德修养与法律基础: Cultivation of Ideology and Ethics and Fundamentals of Law大学英语(1):

Basics of Computer Applications例句:《思想道德修养与法律基础》课程改革与建设On Course Reform of Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Fundamental of Law2.Security Analysis and Investment3.Thoughts and Morals Training and Law Basic&quot1.Socialist marketing economics4;例句

微积分 calculous毛泽东思想概论 Introduction of Mao Zedong Thought劳动 labor马克思主义政治经济学 Marxist political economics环境与发展 Development and the Environment马克思主义哲学原理 Principles of Marxist philosophy文学鉴赏 literary

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