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I will be here by your side forever. 祝楼主学习进步加油噢

“己所不欲勿施于人”用英语的说法有 Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you .Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself. What you do not wish yourself,do not do onto others. 其他中华术语 格物致知...

the black one you wanted was sold out, so we sent you a blue one. thanks for your comprehension. every day is a happy day to you

1, receive the owner (phone, face to face), patiently answer all kinds of rent problems. 2, properly handle the complaints of owners so that they can get a satisfactory answer. 3. A monthly telephone call to the owner to sign a...

May be I was just a passer-by in your life, but you will never meet a person like me again. (用散文的感觉来翻译的,希望帮到你,不满意请追问)

Excuse me, how long do I have to wait to receive the file?


Quality is originated from professionalism. Brand is originated from trustworthiness. 手工翻译,喜欢请采用!

电子商务=E-Commerce 中=in/on 信息=information 安全=Security 与防护=and Protection 技术的=Technologies 研究=research 官方和准确的英语翻译: "Research of the Electronic Commerce Information Security & Protection Technology."

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