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Abstract: through a small sealed chamber experiment to experiment, 14 kinds of emissions in the combustion process of mosquito repellent incense selling common city formaldehyde analysis, get the formaldehyde emission factor. The results show

近几年来,B2C电子商务得到了快速的发展,竞争也日趋激烈. In recent years, B2C e-commerce obtained fast development, competition also is becoming increasingly fierce. 对于B2C电子商务企业而言,充分评估和了解其B2C电子商务网站所

on the transport enterprises in the course of the packaging problems and solutions abstract packaging is the production process in the flow of goods in the process to continue, is to enter circulation of goods, consumer an indispensable condition

In this paper, the use of literature and data on major sports events marketing plan to study and, based on findings drawn from the analysis, sports information filtering, audience targeting, news, market positioning, the choice of athletes, the conduct

Objective: this paper through comparative study and foreign law and relevant legal system research, hospital management system research, etc. For formulating drug regulations related to reassess its responsibilities related subject proposed basis.

based on the changsha county public infrastructure in the field survey and interviews, found that the main audience (local farmer) satisfaction is not high, the supply efficiency of a series of problems. issues affecting the supply efficiency: the short

Domestic use of financial data transmission systems generally use the "Internet transmission, floor dealing with the" way, In addition, the existing data transmission system in the data transfer process is often just a simple encryption, or use file

Abstract: the party's 16 proposed the construction of Socialist harmonious society thoughts. Construction of harmonious social goal for the development of accounting is to build a harmonious accounting. Harmonious accounting as part of a

The American secondary economic crisis has reminded the dangerous situation in the global financial market. Having entered the WTO, we China has increasingly accelerated our steps among the international competition. In order to enhance the

这是我和北京大学王导师共同研讨的结果,应该没有错误,请放心.希望能给您提供帮助,谢谢! This article based on the analysis results of the questionnaire survey of more than 2000 yufen, studies on hunting of migrant workers, Found in the

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