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求歌曲hEArt oF golD的歌词翻译

[ti:Heart of Gold] [al:Some Kind Of Trouble] [00:15.54]This time her mind is made up, yeah she's moving on [00:22.34]It's not like her spirit's crushed, it's just she don't belong [00:28.85]Maybe she thinks too much [00:32.25]S...

This time her mind is made up 这时她准备好了 Yeah, she's moving on 是的,她打算走 Tonight her spirit's crushed 今晚她思绪万千 It's 'cause she don't belong 她知道她不适合 Maybe she thinks too much 也许她想的太多 She thinks she's...

i had a dream when i found the golden key saved all the poor and set the children free broke every chain and i could even fly i thought i''d be in the sky i want to know where to find this golden key high on the mountain or dee...


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