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sang; danced went; played games read saw; film What; watched

1 are at 2 gets up 3 does send 4 comes back 5 arrive at 6 what does do 7 are watching 8 will send 9 play do 10 doesn't do

1、asked to turn off 2、asked not to play 3、asked not to play 4、asked to telephone 5、Go away 6、asked to tell 7、Don't touch 8、You finish 9、asked to answer 10、asked not to


11.applications 12.cheerful 13.has seen 14.introduced allowed

我有一个梦想, 想去一个地方。 和风一起飞翔, 你知那是何方。 处处鸟语花香, 对着鸟儿歌唱, 像在梦里一样。 我想和你处对象

1、give 2、funny 3、on 4、late 5、having 6、sang


raining 和raincoat 整句的意思是:外面正在下雨,如果你出去的话,请带上雨衣 winter和snowman 整句的意思是:现在是冬天,孩子们正在堆雪人 sunny和hot 整句的意思是:天气晴朗,女孩感觉很热 raining整句的意思是:今天是个下雨天 windy 整句...

in the shade; get away communicate with; express; through famous; in misunderstood; accepted basing on; generally speaking can't help myself; devoted; chosen

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