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Very honored to be here to introduce myself, my name is XXX, you can call me XX, 21 years old this year, from Qinghai, my first job is the receptionist in a Shanghai four-star hotel internship, internship end to enhance desk clerk, working for three

你聘上的可能性不大,别说我打击你.除非你的英语特好.五星酒店的面试.一般是老外做的.即使是这样,我还是希望你成功.底下是我所知道的.前台in front office:接待reception(good morning !May I help you ?/,预定reservation(客人的预定)

I am 20 years old, come from a luxuriant this year, very happy opportunity of personal interview for giving me, I study ability strong.Can soon adapt to new surrounding.Be good at confabulation, the personality is bright.Like singing, get to the Internet.I


应聘什么职位啊?自我介绍中很重要的一部分就是介绍你在这个岗位上的优势及你的工作经理!Dear XXX,Thank you for giving me a chance to stand here. My Engglish name is XXX. I graduated from XX university/School, and my major is XX. (Then introduce your working experence)Thank you!

Good morning/afternoon, It's my horner to be here to introduce myself to you all. I am ()years old from (). And as an Receptionist, I do so well in service. Even I have a year work experience as service agent in housekeeping and front office inJapan,

(看着面试官自信的微笑.) I am me and nobody else. (有个性,吸引别人注意) 我就是我 Hello,My name is ***,university graduated,with Tourist Management major.你好,我叫***,大学本科毕业,专业是旅游管理 (眼神交流很重要.不能一直

My name is XX, I am xx years old, I am currently attending xx. One of my most favorite hobbies is watching debate competitions. I like pets, especially cats. I am very nice and resourceful person. I am currently a high school student looking for a good

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