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求一个魔兽世界英文名字,就一个要求 要以Moon开头

Moon本身就可以做英文名,但是在俚语中有光屁股的意思= =; Cynthia、Diana和Dinah都有月亮女神的意思,还有Selena有月光的意思, Y开头的名字有Yolande(尤兰德)、Yvette(伊薇特)和Yvonne(伊冯娜)

是talking to the moon 火星哥的>

你好,这首歌曲是Tiny Tim 唱的,叫Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight:) 歌词:I'm so happy! AHA! Happy go lucky me! I just go my way, living everyday! I don't worry! Worrying don't agree, Things that bother you, ne...

38度乐队 Moon cat the moon in the night too cold and too bright no one thought of death otherwise the world always smile but never can i i'm just a crazy cat in their mind you never satisfy do not you feel tired our love just l...

当然可以的, Luna 是月亮,月神的意思 音译过来就是露娜 ruby是红宝石,可以充当人名

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