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歌曲:Beautiful Girls 歌手:Sean Kingston 专辑:《Sean Kingston》 是这个么?

是不是One Direction的 That's what makes you beautiful

我瞎猜两个 You Are Beautiful - James Blunt What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction Girls Beautiful (Jost & Roth Radio Mix) - Bullmeister Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston 可能都不对,但希望能帮到你

James Blunt—— you are beatiful 是这个吧

beautiful (you are) 歌手:imx 专辑:imx

应该是这首歌: Common, Simple, Beautiful - Jennifer Chung

歌曲:Beautiful Girls 歌手:Sean Kingston 专辑:《Sean Kingston》 是这个么?

HIM GONE WITH THE SIN GONE WITH THE SIN 随原罪飘逝 I love your skin oh so white 我爱你的肌肤是如此光洁 I love your touch cold as ice 我爱你的触摸似冰般冷酷 And I love every single tear you cry 我也爱你流下的每一滴眼泪 I just lo...

Trouble Is A Friend -- Lenka La La Love On My Mind -- Ann Winsborn Floorfiller -- A-Teens One Love -- Blue Stop Stop Stop -- Nu Virgos The Magic Key - One-T & Cool-T Moves Like Jagger-- Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera 自己找

B.O.B&Bruno Mars -- Nothing On You

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