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求一首歌,高潮最后反复唱了几次 impossiBlE,女生...

dream it possible张靓颖

我知道一首歌叫its impossible 不过没有单独的impossible重复

《Dream It Possible》是华为消费者BG品牌歌曲[1]。国际版由Delacey演唱,由Andy Love词曲创作[2]。后张靓颖也演唱过英文版,同时该歌曲的中文版是张靓颖演唱的《我的梦》。

一首英文歌是o背o背o背to you 是什么歌啊

没有荣誉和人性的战争 ?

Never want to fly Never want to leave Never want to say what you mean to me Never want to run Frightened to believe You're the best thing about me Sometimes I feel like this is only chemistry Stuck in a maze searching for a way...

Dream It Possible 演唱Delacey

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