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求一首女生唱的英文歌,很欢快,歌词里有you right...

女声唱的是吗??你可以听听《Move Your Body》看是不是这个

Fight Song - Rachel Platten Like a small boat On the ocean Sending big waves Into motion Like how a single word Can make a heart open I might only have one match But I can make an explosion And all those things I didn't say Wre...

TAYLOR SWIFT - Safe & Sound

这位兄台说的一定是Wanting(华人哦)的Jar of love,还有你说的那一句应该是“Another sunrise,another sunset ”。

金艺林的all right

TAYLOR SWIFT - Safe & Sound

歌名:《It's Alright》 演唱:戴佩妮 专辑:Delicious 歌词: 口袋空空没有半毛钱 也可以走的稳稳当当 就算找不到任何名牌的标签 二手牛仔裤也很耐看 望着别人向我吐出的一口烟 我一点想抽的冲动也没有 现在就沿着长长的马路往前走 一直走不再...

need you right now could you be that somebody I need you right now could you be that somebody 啊,也不知道你找的是不是这个名字就叫need you right now 老歌了,挺好听的

第一首Avril Lavigne - When You Are Gone I always needed time on my own I never thought I'd need you there when I cried And the days feel like years when I'm alone And the bed where you lie is made up on your side When you walk ...

Sugar -Maroon5

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