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求一首女生英文歌名,女生唱的,歌词有句you ...BE...

TAYLOR SWIFT - Safe & Sound

这是Che'Nelle唱的《好きだよ.~100回の后悔~》 这首歌原本是个日文歌 这位女歌手唱了英文版本 但是歌名好像还是沿用原来的(我没找到英文名歌名,关于这点不完全确定) 歌词贴一部分出来 证明这首歌确实是你想找的那首 It's too

歌名:You & Me 歌手:Disclosure 作词:Disclosure 作曲:Disclosure Gonna be you and me 结局会是我和你一起么 Gonna be everything you, you've ever dreamed 那将会有你曾经幻想过的一切 Gonna be who and me 会是谁和我一起 Gonna

Kandi 的Leave U lyrics Ladies, if your man ain't putting in work no more, more, more Well, I think you better listen Girl, turn up your radio, oh, oh, ooh Date night (We used to do it) Long walks (We used to do it) Take me to the club when you're with

觉得应该是1楼的ina 的《I wanted you》

曲名:Bad Boy歌手:Cascada专辑:Original MeBad BoyRemember the feelingsRemember the daymy stone heart was breakingmy love ran awayThis moment I knew I would be someone elseMy love turned around and I feltBe my bad boy be my

正确的歌词是“You're trying to save me”,出自Eminem与Rihanna合作的一首单曲《The Monste》.《The Monster》获得了第57届格莱美最佳说唱合作奖,这首歌曲在全球获得了12个国家音乐榜的冠军.中文名称:怪兽 外文名称:The

《Be What you Wanna Be》-Darin Zanyar

歌 手: miley cyrusmiley cyrus - see you again普通歌词 歌曲播放: see you againmiley cyrus - see you again滚动歌词 see you againmiley cyrus lyrics by larry chengi've got my sight set on you,and i'm ready to wait,i have a heart that will,never be

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