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求一首女生英文歌名,女生唱的,歌词有句you ...BE...

TAYLOR SWIFT - Safe & Sound

Kandi 的Leave U lyricsLadies, if your man ain't putting in work no more, more, moreWell, I think you better listenGirl, turn up your radio, oh, oh, oohDate night (We used to do it)Long walks (We used to do it)Take me to the club when you're with your

歌名:You & Me 歌手:Disclosure 作词:Disclosure 作曲:Disclosure Gonna be you and me 结局会是我和你一起么 Gonna be everything you, you've ever dreamed 那将会有你曾经幻想过的一切 Gonna be who and me 会是谁和我一起 Gonna

I need you --Groove CoverageI know there's someting in your eyesI know there's someting in your smilemakes me feel like losing all my thought tonightbabyevery day I read between the linesevery night I'm searching for your signsyou belong to

歌 手: miley cyrusmiley cyrus - see you again普通歌词 歌曲播放: see you againmiley cyrus - see you again滚动歌词 see you againmiley cyrus lyrics by larry chengi've got my sight set on you,and i'm ready to wait,i have a heart that will,never be

这首歌是曲婉婷演唱的《jar of love》,中英对照歌词如下:作词 : Wanting QuAnother sunrise, another sunset 又是一次日出,又是一次日落Soon it'll all be yesterday 转瞬间都将变为昨天Another good day, another bad day, 美好的一天,糟糕

歌曲: You 歌手: Mya 专辑: 《Moodring》I didn't know you'd change my world around When you came into my life I found That what I've been searchin' for for years Is standing right in front of me Friend you were to me Whenever you stayed up

下载 You Will歌词 Ohhhhhhhh, ohhh ohhh, oohhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh, ohhh ohhh, oohhhhhhhhh I never met a guy so sweet Someone who knocks me of my feet I never knew that it could be, not until I met

你说的是ina i wanted you

歌曲:i will always love you 歌手:whitney houston 专辑:love 真爱典藏之最爱 电影《保镖》主题曲 if i should stay, i would only be in your way. so ill go, but i know ill think of you evry step of the way. and i will always love you. i will always love you.

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