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求一首英文歌 女生唱的 比较可爱的歌声 歌词大概是...

提问者,本人暂时还不怎么清楚:本人手下只有一首关于关键词是:甜美、Sunday的一首欧美歌曲,演唱者为:Taylor Swift,歌曲名:Mean.希望是这首,如果不是的话也只能对你说抱歉了.《Mean》是一首由美国流行歌手泰勒斯威夫特

moumoon - Sunshine Girl ?

moumoon 的sunshine girls 英文版lenka的 the show 和 trouble is friend有里知花的 泪的物语(带有日语)卫兰的 my cookie can(带有粤语) 和 morningcarly rae jepsen 的 call me maybe 和 good timeolivia的 kiss melily allen 的 fuck you

原子猫的nothing in the world?

歌名:here with you歌手:asher book英文歌词to all my friendsthe night is youngthe music's loudthey playing our songnowhere else that i belongthan here with youthan here with youoh oh oh oh oh ohain't felt this good since i rememberthis night got

Jessie j ---do it like a dude, 她的风格很个性,看她的mv感觉更COOL

you belong with me-Taylor SwiftYou're on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset. 你正和女友通电话,她心情很差 She's going off about something that you said 她因为你说的某些话而发火 'Cuz she doesn't, get your humor like I do 那是因为

这首歌叫tryColbie Caillat - TryPut your make up on把你的化妆Get your nails done让你的指甲Curl your hair卷曲的头发Run the extra mile多跑一英里Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?保持苗条,所以他们喜欢你,他们喜欢你吗?Get

应该是Sarah Connor - “Wait 'Til You Hear From Me ”歌词里有“Wait 'til you hear from me Monday, Tuesday it won't beWednesday, Thursday we will see If only you can wait baby Wait 'til you hear from me Friday use your fantasySaturday you got over me”《honey money》是它的中文版,张惠春唱的

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