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Monster - Paramoret 歌词: from turning into a monster, and eating us alive 变成一个怪物,吃我们的肉活着 Don't y...

歌名:Milk And Honey 歌手:Million Billion 专辑:King of Queens Soundtrack 请对照完整的歌词: Million Billion - Milk And Honey I think I've seen the sparkle in your eyes Enough times to be the death of me And singing songs is n...

Ours - Dizzy We ran We starved the things That feel Outback The drunken waters steal from me If we beat him down' will he stay? He's a little dizzy I feel it starting to take me Where did everybody go? I need them now To save m...

哈哈!最近我也在听。是timbaland的apologize歌词是it's too late to apologize。

歌手:Alicia Keys 歌名:The Thing About Love everybody laughs everybody cries sure it could hurt you but baby give a little try that's the thing about love

是cry on my shoulder 或是big girl dont cry或 hear me cry或 cry in the rain ,都试一下,可能有

Maroon 5 - Sugar

《leaving on a jet plane》

我怎么感觉你是在说 Kelly Clarkson 的 what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger stand a little taller doesn’t mean i’m lonely when i’m alone what doesn’t kill you makes a fire put that thing on lighter doesn’t mean i’m over cause...

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